Wednesday, August 18, 2004

After the summit we begin our return on the Crawford Path. The path provides 360 degree panoramic views. Posted by Hello

From Monroe facing east. Posted by Hello

Monroe summit with the Mt. Washington weather observatory to the right. Posted by Hello

After about 4.5 hours we reach the final approach of the Monroe summit. Posted by Hello

As we hike towards Monroe we look back toward Franklin and the valley below. The day was bright but the camera could not capture the many shades of green below us. Posted by Hello

The cog railroad built in 1869 takes tourists up Mt. Washington. Posted by Hello

Deborah, Kate and Jordan hike ahead on Crawford Path. Posted by Hello

We reach Crawford path and begin our ridge trek to Monroe.  Posted by Hello

For good reason these Forest Service signs are posted at tree line in the Presidentials. (Sign is yellow and Kate is blonde) Posted by Hello

Literally minutes later the clouds lift. Posted by Hello

Almost at tree line we are still in the clouds. Yet the forecast is for a sunny day and so we move on. Posted by Hello

Mt. Monroe August 17, 2004

We began our summer on the historic Crawford Path and today as our summer winds down we took perhaps our last hike of the summer on another section of the Crawford Path.

We hiked up Edmands Path to meet the Crawford path and then took a spectacular out and back 2-mile ridge walk to the summit of Monroe passing Franklin and Little Monroe along the way.

After hiking up Edmands completely in the clouds the clouds lifted just as we reached tree line. The summer has been a wet one and the greens of the mountains are especially vibrant this year. I mention this because our digital camera woes continue unabated. Our HP, which we finally kept, is no better than the Canon and Kodak we sent back. None can come close to our 2 year old Kodak that died on us. None of our cameras this summer came close to capturing the beauty that we saw.

Distance: 9.5 miles Climb: 3500 ft. Elevation: 5372 ft.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

On our return trip we pass through a birch forest.  Posted by Hello

Facing the backside of Franconia Ridge from Carrigain. Posted by Hello

View from the fire tower on Carrigain. Posted by Hello

As we begin the return hike at the summit below the fire tower, notice how calm conditions are in comparision to the fire tower.  Posted by Hello

Notice the wind blowing Kate and Deborah's hair almost straight up. Posted by Hello

On the fire tower at Carrigain. Posted by Hello

From the fire tower. Notice the blowing hair. The wind was blowing around 50 mph. Posted by Hello

From the summit looking down at Signal Ridge. Posted by Hello

View from the fire tower on Carrigain.
 Posted by Hello

Vibrant moss lined part of the sides of the trail up Carrigain. Posted by Hello

Mt. Carrigain August 9, 2004

Carrigain lies right in the middle of the Pemigewasset Wilderness and has what many believe is the single best view in the Whites. We found the view to be spectacular but for various reasons to be inferior to other viewing experiences. We say experience because the view cannot be separated from the ambience. On most of other favorite views, such as Liberty and Zeacliff, there are open ledges from which you can soak in the panorama. On Carrigain the best view is from the fire tower.

This is not a small difference. The winds whip unmercifully at most high summits on most days. When you can sit on a ledge you usually are spared the full force of the wind. When you stand up in a fire tower the wind force is magnified. There is nothing to mitigate it. Try really appreciating a view with a steady 50-mile wind in your face!

Distance: 10 miles. Climb: 3250 ft. Elevation: 4700 ft.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Mt. Lincoln summit. Posted by Hello

About 1/2 way back to the parking lot, before the trail drops back into the forest, we pause and view for the last time where we have been today. Posted by Hello

On our return trip we rest at the Greenleaf Hut with Franconia Ridge through the window. Hut is about 1 mile and 1000 feet below the peaks.  Posted by Hello

Kate and Jordan scamper off Lafayette with Cannon ski slopes below.  Posted by Hello