Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The fire tower at the summit of Red Hill. Posted by Hello

The views from the fire tower were magnificent. Distant high peaks to the north, Squam Lake to the west and here looking south- Lake Winnipesaukee. Posted by Hello

For such little effort the views are spectactular and 360 degrees. The day was very overcoast and we definitely want to return. Here we face south toward Lake Winnipesaukee.  Posted by Hello

Climbing Red Hill. Posted by Hello

Returning at three times the speed! Posted by Hello

As the sign says Emerson, Thoreau and Melville went before. Posted by Hello

Red Hill December 22, 2004

Despite the threatening weather, today was a good day to hike. A 3" blanket of fresh snow covered the trails and a heavy rainstorm due for tomorrow threatens to ice the trails. We are not yet experienced winter hikers and although we have snowshoes we do not have crampons. We opted for a light hike up Red Hill in the Lakes Region. We needed poles but not snowshoes.

In the summer climbing takes as almost as much time down as up. Although the demands of your lungs are much less going down, most trails in the Whites are very rocky and you must pay attention to your footing. When a trail is snow covered but not iced you can return at blazing speed. Today's climb was 1 hour and 25 minutes up but only 35 minutes down.

Distance 3.4 miles; Climb 1350 feet; Elevation 2050 feet

From the Flume we see Mt. Liberty (foreground) and Mt. Flume. We hiked Liberty in July and Mt. Flume in October. Posted by Hello

At the top of the Flume gorge. Posted by Hello

Looking down at the Flume from the top. Posted by Hello

The Flume December 19, 2004

The Flume is a huge tourist attraction in the summer but in the winter you have its beauty to yourself. In winter the boardwalk that goes up the gorge is removed and although the park is officially closed the hiking trails that go through the park and to the top of the gorge are accessible. The Flume was one of our first winter hikes when the children were younger and we try and return each winter. The circuit makes for a very serene and beautiful walk in the woods.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Looking into Zealand from Sugarloaf. Posted by Hello

Kate and Jordan admire the view from Sugarloaf. Posted by Hello

Mt. Lafayette from Sunset Hill, not far from the Robert Frost homestead. Frost enjoyed magnificent views of Franconia Ridge from his front porch. Posted by Hello

A huge boulder deposited during the last ice age close to the beginning of the Sugarloaf trail. Posted by Hello

Again from Sugarloaf. Posted by Hello

From Sugarloaf with Mt. Washington in the distant background. Posted by Hello

From Mt. Sugarloaf, a low peak with a big view.  Posted by Hello

Just below Mt. Flume is the southern terminus of the Franconia Ridge trail. 5.5 miles back to the car from here. Posted by Hello

Leaving Mt. Flume, Kate and Jordan hike ahead.  Posted by Hello

On the summit of Mt. Flume with Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette in the background. Posted by Hello

About a hour below the summit we face the Pemigewasset Wilderness Posted by Hello

Very early in our hike to Mt. Flume (on the Wilderness trail) a moose greets us. Posted by Hello

Mt. Flume October 1, 2004

Up in the mountains for a quick fall weekend we decide to climb Mt. Flume from the backside approach, via the Wilderness and Osseo trails. The Wilderness trail was uncharacteristically empty of hikers and we were rewarded with an up close encounter with a moose. Indeed we did not encounter another hiker until we were about to leave the summit. The day was beautiful, in the low 70s in the valley and very mild and still at the summit. The fall colors were just beginning to really show themselves. Two days later when we climbed Mt. Sugarloaf the colors were in full bloom.

Distance 11.2 miles; Climb: 3150 ft; Elevation: 4328 ft.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

After the summit we begin our return on the Crawford Path. The path provides 360 degree panoramic views. Posted by Hello

From Monroe facing east. Posted by Hello

Monroe summit with the Mt. Washington weather observatory to the right. Posted by Hello

After about 4.5 hours we reach the final approach of the Monroe summit. Posted by Hello