Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Beginning the return descent just below Mt. Field.  Posted by Hello

Mt. Jackson just above the headwall of Crawford Notch from Mt. Wiley Posted by Hello

The Presidentials from Mt. Wiley with smoke from the Cog Railroad up Mt. Washington Posted by Hello

A tired family on the summit of Mt. Wiley Posted by Hello

Finally I am fast enough to get the photo! Posted by Hello

I just miss the Canadian Jay eating out of Kate's hand. They are very fast. Posted by Hello

A hiker passing by shows us how the Jays will eat right out of your hand. Posted by Hello

Canadian Jay on the summit of Mt. Field Posted by Hello

Mt. Washington from Mt. Avalon Posted by Hello

Looking South into Crawford Notch from Avalon. Posted by Hello

Looking at the Presidentials from Mt. Avalon Posted by Hello

Mt. Field, Wiley & Avalon June 23, 2005

We had planned today to go up Mt. Washington on another cool, crisp, summer day. We began on the Jewell Trail and not far into the hike found that the bridge over the Ammonoosuc River was washed out in the heavy spring rains. There was no way we could cross safely so we retraced our steps and went up instead Mts. Avalon, Field and Wiley. Wiley and Field are the 4000 footers but Avalon has the superior views. We went up the Avalon trail to the Wiley Range Trail which crosses Field and Wiley. Back down the Wiley Range Trail to the A-Z trail to the Avalon Trail.

Distance: 8.8 miles Climb: 3050 feet; Elevation: Mt.Field 4340 ft; Wiley 4285 ft.

As we return Kate keeps her spirits up despite the slow going. Posted by Hello

Just below Jackson we begin our descent. Posted by Hello

Crawford Notch is to the left. Posted by Hello

Facing into Crawford Notch Posted by Hello

From Jackson Posted by Hello

Washington and the Southern Presidentials from Jackson. Posted by Hello

Looking Southwest from Jackson Posted by Hello

From Jackson's summit with Washington in the background. Posted by Hello

Coming up Jackson, Deborah spots Lady Slippers. Posted by Hello

Mt. Jackson June 20, 2005

With the weather continuing to be sunny with cool temperatures, we were out the next day after Hale. Jackson is not a long hike but it was one of the most punishing hikes we have gone on. The trail was unrelentingly rough, wet and muddy (ankle deep in places). Coming down you had to watch every single step. Views from the top were outstandning.

Distance: 5.2 miles; Climb 2150 feet; Elevation 4052 feet

Mt. Hale Summit. Posted by Hello

Restricted View From Mt. Hale Summit Posted by Hello